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3 Traits to Help You Achieve Your Goals

To ensure you stay on track you must be consistent with these 3 things.....

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Setting annual goals is easy, but staying your track and ultimately achieving your goals is much harder than you may think. I use to make this mistake all the time.

Achieving your goals is more of a distance run than a sprint, which many of us think your goals happen overnight. That's completely incorrect.

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days." - Zig Ziglar

Ask any successful runner they will tell you that simply just showing up to run will not bring you success. It's critical that you sustain a consistent training regimen and focus. This is exactly how we should approach our goals.

We all have big goals and we thirst for achieving those goals, constantly thinking about the feeling when we get there. But there is a lot that goes on in between that we must prepare for.

During your journey to achieve your goals it's important that you focus on the small wins and do the things that allows you to get better each day.

While working 40+ hours per week, I've been able to accomplish my goals within my job and my outside passion projects as well by approaching my goals the same way each time.

Keep reading as I'm going to share with you the three characteristics you can cultivate daily to help you not only stick to your goals but crush them every time.


Discipline is the key ingredient to achieving anything of significance in life, especially your goals. There are three things for certain.... death, taxes, and you will face challenges when achieving your goals.

When you face challenges and obstacles you will want to stop (or give up) then revert back to what you've been doing in the past. It's your level of discipline that will keep you pushing forward to see your goals through.

As humans we are conditioned to seek instant gratification for almost everything. We think that just because we want to achieve something, the universe owes it to us. That's not true.

Discipline comes in many different forms:

  • Want to lose weight - show discipline to eat healthier
  • Want to do more in the day - have the discipline to get early
  • Want to accomplish more - take on bigger goals
  • Rushed for time - stop wasting time on TV and social media

All of my goals revolves around my 4 pillars of success; Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness

For me cultivating discipline is living a health lifestyle, taking on projects that match my purpose, manage my finances appropriately, and develop the skills to love my family effectively.

Many of the distractions thrown at us I have the "discipline" to avoid like excessive TV, social media, unhealthy foods, and other things.

When clients reach out to me for help to achieve their goals the first thing I focus on is their discipline. I focus on what they do particularly why they do them.

Most importantly I focus on what they are wasting most of their time on daily. By fixing this, it gives them a foundation to implement the next two characteristics.

#2 - FOCUS

There are tons of things lying in wait to distract you form your ultimate goal. Your level of focus will depend on your outcome to crush your goals.

Staying focused on your goals is hard. In the beginning, you're going to be motivated at the thought of achieving your goals. But eventually your motivation will waver over time.

Eventually you will experience the feelings of getting stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, distracted, and things will start to get off track. This can prevent you from remaining focused because you have so many things going on.

Most of us have various obligations with our careers, families, and other tasks that tend to stretch us thin. It's easy to get inundated by emergencies and crises that feel almost unavoidable, so losing your focus becomes easy.

The reality is it's not one else's responsibility to keep you focused but you. You must take control of your own actions and remained focused on your goals.

So how can you remain focused?

Start first by planning the times in which you will be doing focused work. Plan out when you need to work out, plan out your meals, plan out when you want to work on your projects.

By having a plan you force you and others to respect your time thus allowing you to stay focused.

You plan to stay focused, and anticipate those time-wasters and things that end to steer you off track. When you plan it's easier to stay focused but when you don't, we all know how easy it is to just forget about our goals for yet another day.

#3 - Energy

Achieving big goals requires you to have energy to push through your challenges and obstacles along the way.

You must do things that adds to your ability to sustain your energy like getting as must rest as possible, eating right, and using your energy in the most effective areas of your life.

Let's face it... in addition to achieving our goals we have families to tend to, full-time jobs or businesses and other obligations. Having to most optimal energy you can is critical.

The easiest way to have more energy is my sustaining a consistent exercise routine. There are many fads around diets, sleep programs, managing stress levels, but from my personal experience the biggest impact I've had for my energy level is to exercise.

When you wake up early, have a purposeful morning routine and make time to exercise you can consider yourself officially in "mental toughness" training.

You are preparing yourself to face resistance that comes from the universe with having BIG goals AND nothing breaks the cycle of resistance like being prepared for it.

Thanks for reading! :)

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