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4 Worthless Concepts That We Belive Are True

Break this cycle to be more productive

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  • I was taught that in order to to make it in life "you must go to school and get a good job." But I was never told specifically what job or career path.
  • People in New York don't believe in speaking to strangers or you may get beat up. Or in the south not speaking to people is a sign of being disrespectful. Who's right?
  • Americans will travel to other countries and expect to be treated fairly but demand that people from other countries speak English when they come to America. 

Culture and out up-bringings can be a huge blocker in our success and development in life. Because after all, the way we were raised was the "right way" right? If it didn't come from your culture or your parents it's not right.

We both know that thinking is not correct.

The goal is not to prove people wrong in how they were rasied but to start the conversation so that each side can learn. We often get so caught up in "who's right or who's wrong" that we miss the priceless opportunity learn.

Below are 4 things that we belive but aren't always true.

1 - Giving With Expectations

If I do this for them, then they better thank me or pay me some how

I give them something all the time they better do the same later

I'm always sharing my advice but they never have anything to offer me

Many times when we give to others we expect something in return in the form of payment or acknowledgement. We develop the "if I did this for them, then they better do this for me" mentality.

Thinking that way distracts your mindset from the goodness that comes out of your active of giving. The ability to make someone else's life better.

When you become the person that people turn to for help, then you become the person that has a place in people's heart. 

Lessons, advice, knowledge and other forms of giving are things that people will never forget. 

Get in the habit of making time for others with the goal of just giving and without the expectation of getting anything back. 

2 - The Easy Road Is Always Easy

If the pandemic hasn't taught us anything is that we must be prepared for the unexpected. Ask the people that found comfort in their jobs or how they earned income feels about this.

My point here is, just waking up everyday taking the easy route for everything is not always easy. Eventually it will catch up to you and bit you.

Finding comfort in an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually lead to sickness down the road. Finding comfort in a job that is evolving to more automation or a different skillset will eventually lead to your layoff.

Not enough people find joy in facing resistence in life, learning new skills, a new trade or anything to get better. It's far too easy to make the easy choice.

While you will feel joy in the short-term, history shows us that this does not lead to long-term happiness.

3 - Labels & Categorizations

We often fall victim to attaching labels and categories to the success or happiness of people. He/she is a Senior Vice President so they must be happy and have the most successful life.

In reality this person may be stressed at the highest level, has a bad relationship and unfortunately contemplating suicide. We see this all the time... famous celebrities kill themselves all the time.

Have you ever thought to youself, "why is this?" They have all this fame and money, why would they do this.

It's because labels, status or categories don't matter when you're not at peace with your inner self.

We make the mistake of judging people by the cars they drive, the vacations they go and the jobs they hold. But we don't take the time to truly get to know the person.

Don't get me wrong, money will definitely allow you to do more things than without it. But if you're not truly happy then none of that really matters.

4 - Do What Makes You Happy

This section may come off a little controversial but one that is near and dear to my heart. We're often told to do what makes you happy but we don't follow through with full context on this statement:

  • Having sex with who you and where you want may make you happy
  • Doing hardcore drugs may make you happy
  • Stealing may make you happy

I know.... all of those are very obvious examples but you get my point. It's not only about what makes you happy, but what makes you happy and within your purpose.

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ―Terry Orlick

Your primary goal in life is to find and live in your purpose. A key aspect to this is that you will not always feel happy about it. 

In finding your purpose there will be some struggle, stress and tension while you work through this. 

Did you find value you in this post. If so, it would mean the world to me if you share this with someone that needs it in your circle. I need your help to reach as many people as possible to spread love and wisdom around the world.

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