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Habit 1 of 5: How to Stay Motivated

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Welcome to step one of this week's 5 part Habit series. As you know, there are good habits that leave to more success and happiness in life.

Then there are bad habits which are very easy to acquire but extremely difficult to break. That's what this week's series is all about.

Decrease in motiviation is something that we've all faced at some point in our lives. You may even be experiencing at the very moment. We often make the mistake of the misleading formula for success:

A little bit of effort + A goal = success leading to happiness

So we spend all of our time putting in max effort thinking that it will automatically lead to the results we desire.

Instead the formula actually looks something like this:

Max effort + measureable "mini" goals = incremental success

Let's apply this to the use case of losing 40 pounds. First, you identify your goal of losing 40 pounds as the main goal

Next, you want to break that goal down into weeks which will add up the total amount of time you want to achieve losing your 40 pounds.

Next, you want to set a weekly goal of how much weight you want to lose. 

By focusing on your overall goal of losing 40 pounds on an incremental weekly basis will increase your chances of staying motivated. 

Each week you're achieving the goal of getting in the gym, eating healthy and other best practices. Then you're able to see weekly results which leads to incremental success.

It's always important to remember that the greatest returns are delayed. This is definitely true in the stock market but also with our happiness and success.

You put in incremental work consistently overtime which will increase your chances of achieving your main goals.

Trying to accomplish any goal in life can be frustrating because of the journey. This is why you need to experience some incremental returns to keep you in the fight. 

The moment you step back and focus in on your main goal you're setting yourself up for decreasing your motivation and momentum.

It's important that you attach the things you "need" to do (working out, eating healthy, reducing debt, increasing knowledge) with the results you want.

The more results that you achieve the more you will find the things you're doing along the way as more fun and attractive to do. 

  • Scroll social media "after" I woke up and went to the gym in the morning
  • Enjoy a cheat meal "after" I spent a week eating a healthy diet
  • Buy a pair of expensive shoes "after" I paid my debt down to a respectable balance
  • Watch two episodes of a Netflix services "after" I read two chapters of a book

This is how you bundle the leisure things you enjoy with the necessary things you "must" do to achieve your goals.

How to Stay On Track With Your Goals

If you're still having a tough time staying motivated with your goals, this it's time to look at a Plan B. When I made it a goal to lose 40 puunds it was tough.

I hated waking up early if I didn't have to, younger kids, working a full-time job and bulding a side business. 

I came across an app called Stickk. This app's goal is to help you achieve life, business, health and career goals. 

This app, also helped me publish my first book and 2 short content books. 

First you will set up a profile, establish your goal, set a time frame in which you will accomplish your goal. Sounds pretty simple right? But here's where it get's tricky.

This app forces you to put your money where your mouth is. You put up say $100, and if you fall short of that goal your money will go towards an "anti-charity". Basically a cause you would never support in a million years.

You can even nominate a goal referee which is someone that will serve as your accountability partner in the app on a weekly basis. 


Sustaining your motivation during your pursuit of any goal is difficult. This is why you need to put strategies in place to keep your momentum.

The challenges of life get's in the way and always there to throw you off track. You must make the pursuit of your goals bigger than the challenges you face in life. 

Your level of motivation is vital to your commitment and attachment to your goal. Without it, you're sure to question yourself and give up.

If you found today's article to be helpful, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with someone in your circle. As always, please feel free to comment.

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