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Habit 3 of 5: How to Prepare Your Environment to Create Better Habits

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Even worse, we get "scatter brain" because we start over analyzing multiple habits instead of focusing on the ONE most important habit we want to master.

The right approach is to of course focus on your habits but a good bit of that focus should also be on the environment around you to make room for better habits.

Let's take a look at the habit of eating healthier.

There are multiple layers to creating the habit of healther eating. 1) you have to build out a plan to shop for the necessary items on your grocery list.

2) You need to plan out your meals for the week that you're going to prepare. 3) You need to actually go through the effort preparing the meals.

Eating healthy meals is actually the easiest part to this whole transition. It's the first three steps people fall short on to master this habit.

This process is virtually true for just about any habit you want to master and improve. There are 3 essential steps: Plan, Prepare and Execute

The best way to increase your chances of mastering your habits and sticking to them is by "prepping your environment". This means creating an environment that better helps your habit transition.

My wife and I work out Monday through Friday at 5:30 AM. Being in our 40s, that's not always easy to stick to. So we use "prepping our environment" as a means to get to the gym even when it's hard.

We lay our gym clothes out the night before, prep our supplements the night before, our lights come on automatically along with our alarm. 

By the time we can even think about going back to sleep we're up and ready to go. We put this process in place to aid us into mastering our habit of a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to this, we do our grocery shopping every Sunday, prepare our meals the same day and store them away for the week. 

This helps us to consistently grocery shop healthier, eat healthier and keep our expenses consistent and low. We do this every single week. These are all practices that works for us and not against us.

If you're trying to lose weight as your goal but you have snacks visibly laying around you're practicing bad environment habits. This certainly works against. you.

Whatever it is you're trying to accomplishing, improving or prepping your environment is more than half the battle. Make sure your environment is working in your favor not against.

  • Want to spend less? > Create restrictions around your spending
  • Want to eat healthier? > Make uhealthy food items less visible and accessible
  • Want to make it to the gym in the mornings? > Sleep in your gym clothes; go right to the gym
  • Want to spend less time on your phone? > Install apps to restrict your time

These are all strategies that can easily be applied to create better environments for your habit journey.

If you enjoyed this article it would mean the world to me if you shared with someone in your circule who could use it. 

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