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It's Not Unfair, It Is What It Is

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When situations arise that don't end up in our favor we put useless labels on them. Instead of learning from the unfortunate situation we put all our energy in trying to blame other external factors.

We use words like, "it's not fair," "the government sucks," "I'm never lucky," "they're holding me back," along with many other excuses.

Negative situations are not unfair and largely no one is holding you back. The reality is these situations happen and it is what it is. Your responsibility is to deal with it, learn from it and execute better next time. 

Loss of a job, reduced income, friends that turned on you and sickness are all situations that will happen at some point in your life. Stop wasting so much energy on "why me" and start focusing on action and what you're going to do next.

The better we get stop ourselves from applying these negative lables, the happier we will be through the process. This will also broaden your options to move forward. Of course, this is very hard simply because we're human.

It's time to transition from the "woah is me" mentality and the emphasis on "he/she hurt my feelings." People are people and it's unrealistic to think they are going to change because your feelings are hurt.

If you're in a bad friendship, remove yourself. If you're in a bad marriage or relationship, getting hurt (physically or emotionally). remove yourself. If you hate your job or co-workers, deal it or find another one. The focus is on you and what you can control.

Remember, these events are not unfair to you. They happen to everyone else in this world to, it just means it's your turn. But most of all you have to remember it is what it is. Deal with it, learn from it and take the next best step.

This starts by watching what you think and say to yourself daily.

If you found this article useful, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with someone that could benefit from it. As always, I welcome you to comment and share your thoughts.

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