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Learn the Consequences of Avoiding Failure

Think about that one or two things you've always wanted to do in your life but you keep putting them off......

Why is that?

In some cases you could say it's because you don't know how, but as humans we hate and avoid failure at all cost.

Fear of Failing Syndrome (FOFS) is what we all deal with.

This goes way back to when we were kids:

  • scared to asked the guy or girl out on a date
  • scared to take honors classes
  • scare to ask our parents for something we always wanted

"I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy." - Tony Robbins

But you have to STOP and ask yourself a critical question.... "what's the worst that can happen?"

You might get a "NO", "MAYBE", and if you did fail the most important thing is that you learned something.

Constantly avoiding failure has more negative consequences then it does good.

Most of my biggest challenges that I've faced in my life that I feared to most that I would fail didn't leave me broke, homeless, or negatively impact my family.

They made me stronger, more confident, and allowed me to grow as a person. AND so can you too!

Keep reading.... I'm going to show you 3 Consequences of Avoiding Failure in your life.

#1 - Robbing Yourself

You work a job that you hate, but you've always wanted to write a book. But then the questions start flowing through your mind:

  • what if I don't know what to write?
  • what if my writings is awful?
  • what if no one buys my book?

Naturally these things will cause you to quickly forget your rewarding idea and revert back to just doing what you've been doing..... waking up everyday hating your job even more. Right?

Allowing the Fear of Failure Syndrome to win, you're actually preventing you from being introduced to the more powerful, confident, and happier you.

Think about it......

If you keep avoiding failure in your life nothing changes.

BUT if you take a stand and face failure then you will see a shift take place in your life immediately.

#2 - Robbing Your Friends & Family

Constantly avoiding failure doesn't just impact you, but it also impacts your friends and family as well.

Confused how this is so?

It's likely that you hate your job, your financial status, or just where you are in life. Those feelings are normally accompanied with stress, anxiety, and lack of confidence.

All of which rubs off into your relationships with those that are closest to you.

Just by changing your mindset of how you face failure can make a difference in your life (creating a new you) thus changing how you show up with your friends and family.

Often times we think that by avoiding failure and keeping that little secret in our heads it doesn't have an impact on anyone else. That's 100% NOT true!

The reality is this....

Facing failure can shift 2 key changes in your life:

  1. Doing things you truly want to do in life can allow you to be a resource to others faced with fear and failure
  2. Can help you be a better husband or wife, father or mother, and brother or sister AND a better friend

This all starts with how you face and deal with failure

#3 - Robbing Yourself of Blessing Others

Let's say you've always wanted to start a business but you're scared out of your mind of taking the first step to get started:

  • afraid it's not the right time
  • afraid you don't have all the knowledge to get started
  • afraid you don't have the money to get started
  • afraid you will lead your family to a life of homelessness

All of which are valid concerns... BUT the reality is other business owners have faced the same fears.

There are people out there waiting for you to start your business that can fulfill their passions and ultimately change their lives.

Ever thought about that?

Not fulfilling your blessing can prevent you from helping someone to fulfill their blessing. Which in my mind is the greatest reward of facing your fears and failure head on.

How to Face Failure

I mentioned above that by making a shift in your mind can help you to face failure head on and change your relationship with the fear of failure.

As you learned, allowing the fear of failure to overcome your decision to pursue your goals has consequences greater than you.

Keep reading.... as I'm going to give you 5 key principles to deal with the Fear of Failure

#1 - Start with Your Goals

Identify what that ONE thing you want to do... start a business, write a book, launch a blog, lose weight, get out debt, etc.

Immediately you will start to get all the negative voices and chatter start flowing in your head.

Address those negative thoughts and questions by reciting this quote:

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" - Vincent Van Gogh

Literally wake up every morning and recite this quote to yourself looking in the mirror.

#2 - Set Mini-Milestones within those Goals

When it comes to facing the fear of failure and accomplishing your goals, taking the first step is generally the hardest step.

Your first steps usually look like this.

  • Writing a Book = writing your first chapter
  • Starting a Business = writing your business plan
  • Launching a Blog = setting up your website
  • Losing Weight = putting a fitness plan in place

Often times we allow our minds to go focus on ALL the stuff we need to do instead of focusing on the first small step.

That ONE small step is the most important step of them all!

#3 - Adjust to Failure

Understand that you will face some sort of failure while you're on your journey. That's just part of the process and you're not alone.

You think Jeff Bezos didn't face failure while he was building Amazon?

You're not different. How you adjust to your failure will determine your outcome.

"You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space." - Johnny Cash

When you actually face failure you will want quit, but you MUST stay strong.

It's your job to learn from it, expect it will come, and don't avoid it.

Use what you've learned as fuel and new knowledge to do what you've done the past better. The better you get after learning form your failure you'll be motivated and want to do more!

#4 - Repeat the Success/Failure Cycle

Many times we have in our minds that if you continuously do the right things there is a straight line to success.

No matter how positive you are or how many right things you feel you're doing failure and setbacks are sure to come. That's just part of the game.

Understanding this image above will allow you to realize that those that succeed are those that embrace and overcome failure.

Did this post help you with how you think about the Fear of Failure (F.O.F) in the future?

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