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More Money Won't Equal Happiness. Here's What Does.

Consider this when you make life and career decisions....

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Living your life solely focusing on money will not make you happy. It will likely lead you down the path to being miserable.

Sure.... there's the saying, "if you think money isn't everything then you haven't made enough." But, from my experience that's not true.

As a kid I remember conversations with my mom, projecting in the future what I wanted to be. I would say things like:

  • "I want to be an entrepreneur...."
  • "I want to be a millionaire..."
  • "I want to have the biggest house in the neighborhood...."
  • "I want to drive the nicest cars....."
  • "I want to have money to travel all around the world...."

Not realizing that I was focusing on the wrong thing and would later lead me to a chapter in my life where I was completely depressed.

The reality is none of those things became a reality for me except that I travel well with my family, I've created companies, and I have a decent size house.

But measuring my reality against what I always thought I would be led me to stress, anxiety, and depressed. You can probably relate.

One of the “biggest mistakes” that people make, Robbins adds, is to obsess only over making money instead of on improving quality of life for themselves and the people they care about. - Tony Robbins

After graduating college getting a good job and the highest salary I could became my true reality. And that became my sole focus when applying for job after job.

Sure I was making in the upper six figures, but that still only left me even more stressed, more depressed, and even less happy. But I couldn't figure out why.....

In the words of the great philosopher Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G) "mo money, mo problems!" I found this to be 100% true.

I thought regardless how much my job made me unhappy, I was willing to trade that with the getting the most money I could. I had the thought that if I didn't do that then I was letting my family down. That we wouldn't have enough to eat, or I wasn't being a "man".

I learned that this way of thinking is called scarcity mindset. Where you have the thought that you always need more to survive or there's not enough money to go around. But that's not the truth....

Social media has increased the scarcity thinking within us even more prevalent. We see the post of money, nice cars, big house, and vacations. Then we think that we should have the same experiences not realizing that person could be on the brink of suicide from lack of happiness.

We spend most of our time trying to impress people we don't know and people we really don't like. This is not only contributing to financial debt in society but also the rise of stress and depression.

Everything changed when I changed my mindset to making my life and career decisions based on one key thing..... focusing on my happiness first.

I've found that true happiness in life comes from focusing first on your fulfillment then money second. When you do things you love the money you truly need in life will follow. It's difficult mindset to adapt, but one worthy trying.

In addition to working my day job, I enjoy doing creative projects. I'm an author, blogger, podcaster, freelancer, and non-tech founder. By focusing on the things I truly love, it allows me to "choose" the jobs I prefer to do without focusing solely on money.

People ignore this type of happiness and replace it with buying more things and making every attempt to get more money without focusing on their overall well-being.

That high you feel when you buy things you really don't need or can't afford is only temporary... it doesn't last long. Material things will not bring you happiness, rather buying experiences (like a trip), doing for others, and focusing on things like work-life balance is the key.

When you change your mindset from money to start focusing on your fulfillment and happiness you're going to notice a major shift in your life. Stressing over money is reduced, depression from doing things you don't want is reduced, and your overall happiness will increase.

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