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The Most Important Form of Power We Give Up Everyday

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Any time you allow someone else or your own thoughts to have a negative influence over the way you feel, behave or take action you give away your power.

It most cases it's a subtle unintentional act.... you start to change the way you act around people by morphing into how they think, act or feel. We do this because we want to be accepted.

Or you don't act on your goals or desires in fear of what your friends, family or others may think of you.

This is detrimental to your growth in life and drains you.

In either case, giving away your personal power, your confidence in your authentic self copletely drains your mental strength.

Right now I would like you to close your eyes and think about the most important things you truly desire to accomplish in life. 

This is likely the first thing you think about every morning when you wake up or before you go to bed at night.

Now.... also think listen to your thoughts connected to this one desire. What thoughts or opinions of other people holding you back from taking action on that desire?

Many people often form their own negative thoughts like:

  • people don't see me that way
  • I really want to do this but I don't see my own self that way
  • other people will think I'm weird

In reality the most important thing you can do is to give yourself the power by believing and seeing yourself in everything you desire to do. 

Your confidence, your belief in yourself is the most important form of power that you control and must sustain.

With everything that you do it's extremely critical to keep this form of power and never give it away to your negative thoughts from yourself or others.

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