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The Power of Thinking Big for More Success

Learn what's preventing you from winning big....

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Unintentionally, humans set many limitations for ourselves that hard to overcome. We see "big thinker" traits on others like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, but we don't see the same traits in ourselves.

The reason is we allow the negative voices in our heads or from others to become bigger than our desires to achieve.

"Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution." - David J. Schwartz

We're conditioned to hear things like "that won't work", "you can't do that", "your're crazy" or "that's impossible"....

When we allow those voices to be stronger than our desires to achieve then we start thinking "small" as oppose to "BIG".

But in order to excel and experience the rewards of achieving our goals, we MUST reduce our self-inflicted challenges that's holding us back.

Below is TWO ways in which you can consistently think BIG and tune out the negative voices holding you back.


Having a strong, supportive and positive network is critical to keeping the positive vibes flowing through your brain. By either joining or creating a network you start to spend time our people with your same goals.

This is vital because you will start to hear common challenges, things that work, shared beliefs, and other traits.

As much as you love them, your friends and family can be a bigger distraction as oppose to a valuable network. Yes, they love you and mean well but they don't share the same passion.

One of the platforms I use to join and create networks is through It allows you to easily find people with the same likes, challenges, and goals to give you the support you need.


In order to achieve meaningful things in your life you will have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Bottom line.

Publishing a book, starting a business, losing significant weight, and other goals requires the willingness to think BIG. Caution.... thinking big will bring on more unfamiliar and uncomfortable tasks.

While facing that adversity you must developing the strength to face it, learn from it, and keep doing each time.

What's the best way to start getting comfortable being uncomfortable?

The most important thing is you must keep showing up every time. The moment you don't show up, it's highly likely you'll give up and stop thinking big.

By just showing up and having the attitude to keep pushing gives you a chance to succeed. Do whatever you need to ensure you keep showing up.

Announce what you're doing to people you care about, post it publicly on social media, connect with an accountability partner. All of these are effective was to keep showing up.

General rule, the more uncomfortable it gets the more you should embrace what you're doing. This is when you break outside of your comfort zone and learning more.

The more you learn, your confidence will continue to grow and you will condition yourself to think bigger goals.

What's next.....

We need to develop an attitude of constantly learning and taking on new things. Things that seems uncomfortable and/or scary is a sign that you're thinking really big and on your way to achieving more success.

Thanks for reading! :)

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