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This Must Get Done Daily

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A successful day means different things for different people. Whatever it is, the measurement should just be that you made more money than you did the day before. I know.... hear me out.

Money can come and go, but what you acquire intellectually can't be taken away from you. I'm talking about your knowledge, increase in your abilities and skills should be the focus. Your ultimate measurement of success should be centered around whether or not you got better (mentally and/or physically).

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

- Winston S. Churchill

More direct, the question is what did you do today to become better at life (or better human) -- adequately prepared for unexpected times like the pandemic, health issues, relationship problems and downturns in your career.

Each day your goal should be to get better in the areas of:

  • protecting yourself against poverty
  • against death (healthy lifestyle)
  • general setbacks
  • changes in the economy

If the pandemic has taught us anything it's that your job and way of surviving can be taken away from you in an instant. What you do today to earn a living can be taken from you quickly. Then what do you do?

Just waking up everyday with the mission to survive is a formula for failure, not true success. Your goal should be to put yourself in the most challenging situations to get better than you did the day before.

If you did 10 reps in the weight room yesterday, how can you do 5 more today? If you read 1 chapter of a book yesterday, how can you reach one more today? If you took one course on improving your finances instead of watching TV, how can you keep that consistently through the week?

These are the types of decisions successful people are faced with each and everyday. The easy road is to sit down and watch TV or scroll social media. When you're faced with that decision today, which will you coose?

All of us face the same trials and tribulations; obtaining what we need to get through those life battles. Obtaining the skills, ideas and tools that will make us better spouses, parents, employees, leaders, teammates or whatever else.

If we can focus doing the most important things to have a successful day, that will make us the best versions of ourselves but for others as well. No one ever said it will be easy but it's the path we must all travel day-by-day live a successful life.

Check out this video below to help you along your journey.

I hope you enjoyed today's article along with other's that I've created. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments and questions. If you know of someone that would use what I've shared today, it would mean the world to me to share it with them.

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