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What You're Missing Not Having a Morning Routine

The saying, "how you do anything is how you do everything" is true.....

Do you feel like you're at a point where you life doesn't have any meaning but pay bills and go to work?

If so, you're not alone.... many others feel this way. I felt this way until I found out the importance of having a morning routine.

"Your current life is the result of your previous choices, if you want something different, begin to choose differently. – Joe Tichio"

5 years ago I was at work and I started to feel out of sorts. My palms started sweating, my heart start racing, I could feel my body tremble and my mind wondering all over the place.

I knew something wasn't right. I called my wife to her know and then I left work early. This happened quite a few other times.

Thoughts about keeping my income coming in, safety of my kids, my health, and the overall well-being of my family constantly on my mind without reason.

My wife convinced me to make an appointment, and found out that I had anxiety.

I reached a point in my life where I was just going through the motions without reason or purpose. Not sure where it all went wrong, but it now I'm here was my thoughts.

I'm a super competitive guy.... so when I'm faced with challenges I attack them head on. Naturally, I turned to Google to do some searches.

Everything kept coming up with the importance of taking control of your mornings with a daily routine.

What I learned is that we now live in a fast paced society with millions of things being thrown at us without us noticing.

Social media, TV, bills, job downsizing, lack of job security, etc. It comes at you faster than you can keep up. I've learned the mind can only take so much.

The World is a Circus if You Allow it To Be

Technology has been a great asset for the modern era but increasingly causing mental hardships around the world.

Instead of filling our days with productive activity we fill it with; checking email every 5 minutes, checking social media every 10 minutes, and scrolling for hours.

No wonder our minds is so screwed up. But we can't blame anyone else but ourselves because WE allow it to get out of hand.

I know.... I was apart of this problem until I hit the wall with my anxiety attacks.

How a Morning Routine Changed My Life

I use to set my alarm only to hit the snooze button three times before I finally got out of bed.

That left me feeling sluggish, tired, and completely not ready for the day.

I did this every day well into my 30s, and you're likely doing the same as you're reading this. Now it's time to make a change.

This is how everything changed.

I started the night before by planning out how I want my morning to go. Ask any success minded person and they will tell you your morning routine starts the night before.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Gandhi​

I literally wrote down every detail what I was going to do in the morning before I head out to start my day.

Instead of hitting the snooze button, I set my alarm for 5AM and I got up at exactly that time.

I immediately said some form of gratitude, "I'm thankful to be alive". Then I took a 2 minute cold shower. According to Tony Robbins it shocks your body into an awaken state. It was rough at first but I got use to it.

Next I would go downstairs and drink 8 ounces of cold water. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps the body function more efficiently, fight off infections, and flush out toxins.

I ready at least 1 or 2 chapters of a book. Warren Buffett recommends that we read at least 500 pages per day. This is helping me read anywhere between 2 to 3 books per month.

Then I leave time to do some work on my side businesses or projects that I'm working on.

Finally I get in the shower and get dressed, then before I head out the door I end my routine with 20 minutes of meditation.

The benefits has been amazing for me. I can better manage my anxiety, I have more clarity for my day, more purpose, and I have more control.

If you notice.... no where in my routine did I mention checking social media or email? NO!

There is nothing in your email and certainly not your social media wall that can't wait. The same emails will be there later in the day and no one will miss you on social media.

So what are you missing not having a daily morning routine?

You're missing out on mental and physical control of your life.

If you can't make that a priority then it's likely you will not hold many other things in life a priority.

Did you find this post helpful?

If so, I appreciate you sharing this with your friends & family then comment below.

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