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Why Being Perfect Stalls Your Progress

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Progress is an interesting element in our lives. We all want to be stronger, healthier, make more money, have better relationships, etc. But we often make the mistake of connecting the "perfect situation or time" to make the progress we desire. 

This is a HUGE mistake....

Simply because life isn't set up that way. Imagine at this moment you're playing a game of dodge ball and you have 20+ balls thrown at you from all different directions. That's a perfect illustration of life. 

The reality is the world or most people in it could care less about your progress the same that you do. Unexpected bills will come, your schedule will be thrown off.... life "stuff" will happen regardless.

All this to say very rarely will that perfect time present itself. You have to drawn a line in the sand and just get started with creating the progress you desire.

Another huge mistake is we don't truly know what "being perfect or the perfect time" means. So here, let me lay it out for you.

People that say things like "I'll get started tomorrow," or "Next week I'll head to the gym," or "I'm waiting for the right time to start my business" are really saying the following:

  • "I'm too lazy to start today"
  • "I don't want to give up eating unhealthy to go to the gym"
  • "I'm scared what people will think when I start my business"
  • "I'm afraid I will fail"

For most people this is what being a perfectionist really means. You scared to face your fears head on, you're afraid to allow people to see you fail and scared to get out of your comfort zone.

If you're "truly" looking to make progress towards the things you desire most, you're going to have to avoid the "perfect time" mindset. That time will never come.

Life is still going to happen and no one cares what you want to accomplish generally speaking. People already have formed their thoughts about you. You're fat, ugly, lazy, a know it all, etc. It's up to you to show them who you really are by avoiding the "perfect" syndrome.

Right now at this moment... what is that one thing that you want to make progress towards the most? Step into today and just do it. 

If you know someone that might benefit form these messages, please forward this to a friend. I am always looking to bring better life experiences to new people and I could use your help!

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