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Why "Getting Back to Normal" Is a Negative Mindset

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We've all been saying this throughout the pandemic that "we can't wait to get back to normal." or "I can't wait until this is all over!"

Well, here's the truth "getting back to normal" should not be in your vocabulary.

The pandemic has put us all in some of the most uncomfortable situations, some more than others. Many on the front-line have been forced to work through these challenges without change. Others have lost income or worst lost their jobs completely.

But with all challenges and adversity presents more opportunities to learn and get better.

The journey is never ending. There's always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what's right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment. - Antonio Brown

By focusing on the "normal" that we miss as a result of the pandemic, we miss out on the opportunities the "new normal" has presented to us. 

Many people have lack of technical skills have truly struggled through the pandemic. Force to learn, work and collaborate with the various tools has been a major complaint.

Instead of facing those challenges by adjusting and boosting their skills in this area. They instead choose to fight the fight of "we need to be back in the office" or "we need to get use to the new normal."

While that may be a valid argument in some cases but the reality is it's a cop out of the real issue..... their lack of skills and willingness to improve their skills.

The Right Focus

Instead of praying for "normal" to return, you should focus on improving your skills to prepare for the next pandemic. News flash.... there WILL be another one, trust me.

If you suffered a loss of income or your job, now is the time to focus on creating multiple streams of income. The numbers that were affected during the pandemic is staggering:

COVID-19 has had an incredibly negative impact on the United States economy. According to The New York Times, about 30 million U.S. workers were collecting unemployment as of July 2020, which equates to around one in five workers.

If you're lacking the necessary skills to earn income while working form home, there are plenty of resources to improve in this area. One site that I'm a huge fan of is Udemy, which gives you afforable options to develop various skills.

Maybe your child had a tough time adjusting to online learning through the pandemic. Has your solution been to complain about the schools and teachers or give your child the necessary resources improve their ability to learn online?

Online learning will be around throughout their learning career especially with what we've learned through the pandemic.


Challenges and adversity will always exist in your life, even outside of a pandemic occurrence. How you respond is the key to moving forward in a productive manner.

If your mindset is built around blaming everything around you.... the government, teachers, schools, your job etc. Then you're crippling your mindset to have more of a positive focus.

The best course of action is to reflect on all the specific challenges the pandmeic presented you with. Write them down and plan for how you will improve in those areas.

Remember, the pandemic didn't cause you anyting, the decisions you made leading up to this is what put you in this situation.

If you found today's article to be helpful, it would mean the world to me to share this with your friends and family. I need your help to help create better humans around the world.

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