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Why Happiness Matters More Than Money

Are you battling with the money over happiness or vice versa?

Don't be embarrassed, you're not alone if so.

Many of us fell into the trap of wanting to earn a certain level of income to buy a big house, buy the best car, vacations, vacation homes, and other stuff.

But along the way we ignored one important factor..... our happiness.

"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be." - Abraham Lincoln

Money does not equal happiness. And I'm fully aware of the statement, "if money doesn't make you happy then you haven't made enough."

OK.... so then how do you explain the celebrity suicides around the world???

Speaking from experience.... early in my career I chased money. I chased having a six-figure salary; it was important to me.

I had visions of all the things that came with that until I realized I was chasing the wrong thing and ignoring the most important..... focusing on what makes me happy.

It's likely you're in this trap now are you're reading this. Waking up doing things, not realizing how you got there or why you're doing it.

But you're stuck and can't get out.

Now it's time to make a shift.... start realizing what makes you happy and allow the money to flow congruently with that feeling.

If you're in your dream job and you love.... will not be for you. This post is for those waking up every day dreading life wondering where they are going.

Keep reading because I'm going to show 3 key reasons why happiness matters more than money.

Your Health

Happiness is important to your physical and mental health. It helps you decrease anxiety, depression, reduces stress, and other health issues.

A study of more than 7,000 adults round that those with a positive well-being were 47% more likely to consume fresh fruits and vegetables than their less positive counterparts.

In the same study of 7,000 adults, researchers found that individuals with a positive well-being were 33% more likely to be physically active, with 10+ hours of physical activity per week.

  • 700 adults found they had sleep problems with a less positive attitude
  • Happier people keep strong immune systems
  • Cristol levels which contributes to weight gain, high blood pressure & lack of sleep are lower with happy people.

This is why practicing happy habits is vital to your overall well-being.

It's easy to get caught up in the "rat race" and neglect your personal happiness.

Better Relationships

Your personal happiness is important to the happy quotient of the entire world.

There is a myth that focusing on your personal well-being and happiness is a selfish act. That is farthest from the truth.

Practicing happy habits is one of the best things you can do to help other people around you to be happy.

Think about it....

If you're coming home everyday hating the world, you're setting the tone for your household. When you get together with your friends and you mope around the whole time.... what message does that send?

This is vital for you to sustain better relationships.

It will allow more positive people to come into your life and want those already in your life to want to be around you even more!

Creates More Opportunities

When I started focusing on my happiness instead of money, it created more opportunities for me.

As I mentioned earlier, I chased money, specifically the goal of getting to six-figures. Once I got there I realized that wasn't my true destination.

It wasn't until I tapped into the things I truly enjoy doing is when I found true happiness start to show up in my life.

I started to meet other positive people, work on some amazing projects, and travel to some amazing places.

This wouldn't have happened if I kept focusing on money.

In summary.....

Start today by focusing on the things that makes you happy. Think about the things that brings you the most joy and the people you most like to be around.

Money will never replace the things you find there.

Did you find this post helpful?

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