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Why People Fear Success

Learn how to embrace change and failure to create better experiences....

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Everyone experiences failure and setbacks.

For many people, fear of failure is the most paralyzing experience and holds them back from taking risk, trying something new or executing on their dreams.

Defeating your fear of success, not allowing it be bigger than your dreams, and turning your failures into success has been taught by experts all around the world.

Fear of failure is a big enough hurdle but the fear of success can be even bigger. You've probably asked yourself this question before:

"What will I do if it works?"

Fear of success, which is the opposite of the fear of failure but both will leave you not willing to take the next step. The fear of success is a bit more subtle in that you must be consciously aware to overcome it.

Here's how to discover if you fear success.

Overcoming Fear + Success = Change

When you pursue your goals and fail, you can always pivot, learn and go back to pursuing something different. Yeah it sucks but you can easily get over that.

When you pursue your goals and succeed, your mind goes into the "uh-oh... it worked now what?" mindset. Now you have to keep going even when you don't know what to do next.

You hear this with athletes and other famous people all the time. Their whole life was built around becoming the top of their profession. They they have to deal with many pressures that comes with achieving their goals they didn't really want:

  • Having to deal with the media
  • Having to deal with crazy fans
  • Having to deal with people controlling what they do and how they do it

Which forces many to lose the love for the very thing they worked all their lives for. Success brings change in our lives; some of that change is what we desire and a lot of it we don't.

The fear that many experience with success is they have to change along with the success which forces you to change.

To sustain the level of success you truly desire, you must become a better person in most cases. And that adds pressure for many.

If you want to be a professional athlete, famous actor, start your own business, or anything that ties back to your personal skill-set you must change.

The change comes in all forms depended on what you set out to achieve:

  • pro athlete - you have to become more discipline with your training
  • business owner - you have to become more discipline with your whole life
  • manager - you have to perform each day as a leader

There are many other examples in which you must perform and prepare for the success you desire in your life.

Being able to answer the question "What if I fail?" is different than answering "What if I succeed?"

I too have suffered from the "What if I pull this off?" mentality through my years of working on my passion projects. Many of these things I had to discover the hard way.

When I launched my appointment booking app I was passionate about "the idea" of starting my own company but not everything that came with it. Dealing with customer complaints, support, and marketing to attract more vendors.

So the question becomes.... how do you overcome both the fear of failure AND success?

Below you're going to learn the most critical way for you to overcome your fear of success.

Prepare to Change

When you executing on your dreams you must check-in mentally to ensure the success you seek is truly what you want in your life. Simply put... you must make sure you're prepared for what it takes to sustain your success.

If you're launching a blog, you must be prepared to interact, connect and care deeply about serving your followers. This is second hand nature for me because I truly enjoy learning and serving people around the world.

If you're starting a business, you must be prepared to do a lot of things that takes you away from doing things you did as an employee. You must enjoy selling, negotiating and doing everything possible to make your customers happy.

Success brings change and with that change you must keep up with that level of change by changing you each day.

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