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Why You Must Dream Big

Where you are today doesn't define where you're going in life....

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To ensure success in your life you must constantly remind yourself that you are where you are, and what you are because of yourself. You are exactly where you are because you consciously allowed yourself to be here.

Sounds harsh but it's true.....

You have made the various decisions and choices that landed you in your current situation. Essentially saying, you can't blame anyone or anything else but yourself.

Consequentially, if you desire to be somewhere or something else, it's your responsibility to consciously make the right decisions and choices to get you there.

First you must understand that your dreams has not limits, it's your mind that determines that.

Level Up Your Skills

Daily thought to live by.... your skills will either keep you where you are or take you to where you desire to be.

Simply put, you're paid or rewarded for the level of asset your bring to other people or corporations. It's one thing to desire to be better but you must take the necessary steps to improve who you are daily.

If you want to attract more income or opportunities, you must level up your skills to match what you're trying to accomplish. If you want to grow your network or have better relationships, you must put in the work to become a more attractive person.

The biggest mistake most people make is wanting more but not willing to pay the price to work on their skills to "become" who they want to be.

Shift Your Mindset

Daily rule to live by... If you want to change the overall quality of your life you must focus on the way you think.

When you improve the way you think about yourself and your circumstances, you improve your chances of having the quality life you desire. Everything you desire starts with your mind but many make the mistake of focusing on their physical being.

Many people talk about positive thinking, which is extremely important. Which is all about thinking positively about your circumstances.

The issue with positive thinking is people being think positively with wishing and hoping but not unbreakable belief in themselves. Wishing and hoping allows a person to believe that things will work out someday.

Shift your mind to taking on each day with unbreakable belief instead of hope.

I believe in the power of prayer, but you must use what I call active prayer by taking ownership for what you're praying for.

Dream Big, They Have No Limits

Your level of success and achievement starts with the level of your dreams or vision for your life. It starts with how big your dreams are.

Nothing feeds the limitations in your mind faster than dreaming small or believing that you're only capable of doing what you're doing today. To counter these thoughts you must constantly think bigger than you are today.

My mentor taught me, "We will only grow as big as we dream that's why we must dream big."

When you constantly think big dreams, your excitement, confidence and self-esteem will increase. The way you see yourself will increasingly improve allowing you to feel more capable to achieve more.

As you start to incrementally achieve tasks towards your big dreams you will create more excitement and increase your motivation. Most people fail to accomplish more in life because they see themselves as they are.

If you feel like you don't have enough time to achieve your goals, download my free guide How to Get More Success With Less Time & Less Work.

Thank you for reading this article about positive thinking and how to dream big and create success in your life. Please share and comment below!

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