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How to Build a Side Hustle (that fits you)!

Want to generate additional income by building a side hustle WITHOUT leaving your full-time job?

People have the misconception that you have to be the next Jeff Bezos or launch the next Facebook to become an entrepreneur.

That's not true at all....

I know this from personal experience. I have a family that I take care with my full-time job AND the side hustles that I've created.

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So today, I want you to understand the three components of building a side hustle without leaving your day job.

Let's dive in.

3 Components of Building a Side Hustle

There are 3 simple parts to this formula.

  • Start with the skills you already have
  • Focus on solving problems no money
  • Make it easy... find out where your customers are hanging out

Part 1: Start with the skills you already have

The side hustles I've built started with the skills that I already have.

I will admit.... that it didn't start out that way for me.

I would listen to all of these side hustle experts.... "do this or do that", "here's the latest trend...etc.".

While some of that content is very useful, but it's useless if it isn't congruent with your skills and interest.

It's important for you to ask the #1 question "What skills do I possess that solves the problems for my future customers?"

If you have an answer to that you're on your way.

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It's those problems that people will pay you for and beg you to help you solve them.

Next, you want to structure your solution in the form of a repeatable service. Don't worry this doesn't have to be fancy at all.

If you offer freelance services like copywriting, graphic or web design, app development, video services, etc.

You can register your services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork (and many others).

We'll touch on the benefits of joining those platforms in Part 3.

In summary for Part 1, focus on your skills first.

You may ask, how do I choose one?

You currently have a job or you have skills that people around you constantly say that you're really good at.

Here's how I was able to get over that hurdle.

I would constantly get people in my circle and on LinkedIn that I don't know to reach out to me. They would share their ideas so I naturally because the "go to" idea guy.

So I build a consulting service called Automated Consulting Partners.

I started out with just myself, and train contract partners to help solopreneurs and small business on automating their processes.

In my day job, I'm a process automation engineer. Couple that with my experience to design apps and build revenue models.

This became one of may seamless side hustle offers.

Implement this skills inventory think tank in your process and something will stick out to you.

Part 2: Focus on solving customer problems not money

When I first started out with my side hustle journey, I couldn't resist to focus on becoming the next millionaire.

Unfortunately that got me no where....

Here's the reason why. Customers can sniff out when you're only after your interest and not theirs.

Additionally, if your goal isn't in line with solving their problems your side hustle journey will be short lived let alone get started in the first place.

I eventually shifted to a solution first approach, and then everything clicked for me.

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Here's the simple formula that works everytime Your Skills + Solving a Customer Problem = Thriving Side Hustle.

This is the #1 secret the most successful entrepreneurs are using to build thriving business generating billions of dollars.

This is a critical step to digest and understand.

You can literally inject this formula in to just about in business concept of any size and it works.

The next question you probably have... "Exactly how do I know if I'm solving a big enough problem or how do I know they need my skills?"

Great question and one that I had when I initially started out.

The first thing that I learned is that I need to get more active with being engaged with people. We're pass the COVID phase of being away from people.

I started joining in-person and virtual networking groups. There I would engage and listen to what people are saying.

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I joined this networking group prior to starting my consulting firm. What I found is that solopreneur have a hard time utilizing tools that saves them time.

These are people that work full-time jobs, have families and running businesses.

Outside of revenue, time is their biggest asset. Doing thing manually that takes a lot of time is the biggest problem they need solved.

My solution.... utilize integtations to connect tools together for them to perform functions automatically saving them tons of time.

Next, I would engaged in conversations on LinkedIn. I know what you may be thinking that this takes a lot of time.

But if you make this a habit, you'll be surprised how many people you will connect with from your laptop or your mobile phone.

I've been able to develop a following of over 4000+ people by following these methods.

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I'm living proof that this works and it doesn't take a lot of your time.

Carve out about 20-30 minutes a day and you'll be surprised how this will make a difference in growing your network.

Part 3: Go to where the customers are

When I first started I had this thought I have to learn how to code, pay a developer, hire people or build this big company or brand.

Again, this is the furthest from the truth.

I strongly believe in not reinventing the wheel.

Instead of focusing on building a big company, you can join freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

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Above is an example of my business that I've created on Fiverr. I don't have a design background but I learned how to create designs for t-shirts.

As you can see with the order on the top-right, I made over $1500 with one order.

This is proof of a few things...

  • You can learn new skills to make money off of
  • There are people willing to pay for what you have to offer
  • And.... you don't need to create this fancy business to make money.

In summary here, don't re-invent the wheel. Join platforms where customes already exist to make it simple and easy.

I have plenty of other ideas, but wanted to keep this one light to get you started. If you want to learn more, reach out to me and lets set up a consultation to talk through it.

In Summary

Starting a side hustle is all about the formula Your Skills + Solving a Customer Problem = Successful Side Hustle.

It's about using the three components to make your side hustle journey much easier to get started.

  • Start with the skills you already have
  • Focus on solving problems no money
  • Make it easy... find out where your customers are hanging out

Get all three of these things right, and you'll have more success in your side hustle and happier customers willing to do more business with you.

This week's action step: Take an inventory of the skills you already possess. If you need help, ask people in your network what they feel is your super power (i.e. - your top skill). Join some networking groups where solopreneurs and small business owners congregate. Grow and engage with your existing network on LinkedIn daily.

Well, that's all for today.

See you next week.

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