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Learn The Invest Learn Team (ILT) Method (to create more income producing opportunities)

So you want to start an online business of some sort but you either don't know where to start or most importantly what you want to offer to your customers.

Is this relatable to you?

There are two parts to the process when starting a side hustle which is knowing what to offer and getting over the question of "why would people want to buy from me?"

Let's look at the latter part of this....

When I talk to people in my community this seems to be something that always surfaces and becomes one of the biggest hurdles.

This notion that you're not worthy to offer or sell something to someone else.

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When I work with people this is the biggest mental funk that I have to break.

In a general sense, our friends and family comes to us all the time. They may look at you as the one to talk about stocks, recipes, or other business topics.

As a solution I team them the Invest - Learn - Teach (ILT) Method.

This method has helped me become a published author, launch a consulting firm, a freelance service, and a few startup companies generating 6-figures in revenue

Below I'm going to break down each component of this method.

Let's dive in.

Part 1: Invest

When you see the word invest you generally think about money. While money is a part of this you're also investing another valuable asset, which is time.

Most of the customers that are facing the problems you will be able to solve comes down to a few things related to time and money:

  • They don't have the money to invest and learn the solution
  • They don't have the time to learn the solution (juggling too many tasks)
  • Many do see the value in investing and learning
  • Many do not see the value in investing the time to learn and solve their solution

This is why it's so easy to get ahead of many other people because it all comes down to the mindset and the "value" we place on investing time or money in learning.

But here's why you're different. You see the value in investing to learn and you see the value in taking the time to learn.

Why? Because there are many people willing to swallow the easy pill and pay for someone else to do it.

Once I grasped this concept everything changed for me.

I suffered initially with the thought of "why me, why would anyone buy from me?"

The concept of investing in the time that others will not will put you ahead of the class.

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Part 2: Learn

Many people get left behind in today's fast paced climate because they simply give up learning. They have their degree, then that's it.

Unless their job requires it, no more learning for them.

Again, here's where you can gain leverage.

I'm addicted to learning, I crave it and my algorithms constantly feeds me the things I desire to learn because that's where I spend most of my time at.

Naturally, this puts me ahead of many others that don't have the desire to learn.

By constantly focusing on learning I've learned to write TV scripts, write books, develop apps, and build my community on this very blog.

I'm not suggesting that you need to go back to school. There are some free and paid options that you should immediately take advantage of.

Google and YouTube are my number initial go-to options to learn.

Now we have ChatGPT which can give you a precise answer even faster. "Show me how to launch a side hustle." And BOOM! There it is.

I say this to say that you do not have an excuse not to find information to learn. It's a matter of will and accountability.

If you want to learn more targeted courses.... no problem. A couple other of my go-to platforms are Udemy and Masterclass.

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Udemy allows you to find courses around business, graphic design, entrepreneurship and many other categories. For a cost ranging from $9.99 to $100+

While Masterclass is a subscription based platform that allows you to have access to some of the most famous people around the world.

Here you will learn from people like Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx), Richard Branson (founder of Virgin enterprises), Issa Rae (amazing creative) and much more!

There really isn't a secret here as this information is available as we speak and a fraction of what you would pay for a college tuition.


Part 3: Teach

Ok... so you invested your time and/or money, you've learned some new skills now is where the fun part comes... you get to teach.

In the beginning, don't get excited and immediately start focusing on money.

Remember this is a solution first focused approach. You're making a huge mistake if you jump right in and start building a website and setting up your prices.

Instead, start connecting with people in your network or engaging with people on LinkedIn to offer your knowledge for free as a test.

Over time you'll be able to package that up and sell it to make it a scalable side hustle.


The ILT method is a great method that will allow you learn a new skill then turn that into a revenue producing asset.

Remember, ILT isn't just about making money, it's meant to help solve real problems of people.

It's the ultimate method to turn you individually into a business.

That's it for today.

See you next week.


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